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 patsy at qualitania dot com

Patsy Clarke is an independent qualitative research consultant with expertise in qualitative data analysis. In addition, as a NVivo Platinum Certified Trainer, she is available to run NVivo software workshops for qualitative researchers, groups and postgraduate students, online as well as across the UK and Europe. She also runs NVIVO training courses in South Africa by arrangement to co-incide with her visits to that region. You are welcome to fill in the enquiry form for more details or future scheduling.

Qualitative data analysis resources and training


Patsy Clarke offers training in computer-based qualitative data analysis, with QSR NVivo software, at your organisation's premises, or online. This includes group training with NVIVO for those with their own laptop computers. See training options for more details.

Costs of training depend on requirements, number of participants and location. To request a quote complete and submit the online Request form .

Training experience and credentials

Patsy has over 30 years experience in research including 16 years at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, 4 years at Oxford Brookes University, where she is still an associate. She has been self-employed as an independent consultant since 2011. Her experience includes more than 20 years working with QSR NVivo software for qualitative data analysis. Consultancies in the UK, Europe and South Africa have included support and training with research groups in diverse fields including international development, community engagement, HIV-AIDS, technology in education, professional development, creative methodologies and evaluation. [More details available on request].


If you have attended an NVIVO workshop with Patsy please complete the anonymous feedback form.
If you have attended one of Patsy's recent workshops and require an attendance certificate please complete the certificate fill in form.

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