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NVivo workshops
Small group workshops or larger group workshops for organizations and research groups are customer designed and are usually of one or two days duration, include presentations, demos, notes and hands-on practice. Included are basics, the more advanced functions and tools as well as the opportunity for sessions for participants to work with their own data.
For the more interactive small group workshops, it is recommended that ideally the number of participants be capped at around a maximum of ten participants.
Workshops are arranged to take place at your organisation's premises. (The training venue would require a data projector).
For venues that have not yet obtained the software, a 14-day trial copy of the most recent version of the software - currently NVIVO Release 1.3 (released March 2020) can be downloaded for installation and checked in advance of the training dates - though within the 14-day expiry.
A 'Getting started guide', as well as animated tutorials and information on the technical requirements for running NVIVO on stand alone and lab machines are available linked to the QSR site on NVIVO resources.
Online option  
One-to-one online support is available by arrangement. Access to a reliable online connection plus a headset for optimum speech and audio reception is strongly recommended.
Course pre-requisites
To obtain full benefit from the training participants need to be familiar with their (usually but not exclusively Windows) operating system and interfaces including file and folder management. While it is ideal if participants also be familiar with their chosen qualitative data analysis approach, those who are new to qualitative research are also most welcome and accommodated as well.

For more information complete the Request form with your requirements.

Email support
Follow up email support can be negotiated for those attending workshops

Useful help resources for NVIVO 12 are available from 'Links to resources' on the home page menu. Included are links to the support resources available from the QSR International web site.

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